Dr.Vijay Bang

Dr.Vijay Bang

President-Elect & Chairman Scientific Committee CSI 2022

Dear Friends,

"Greetings & Welcome from the Scientific Committee CSI 2022!"

The Scientific Committee & Organizing Committee both are looking forward to welcoming you in-person for our Annual CSI Conference on December 8 - 11, 2022 in Chennai as the pandemic may be behind us which is happy news.

The Scientific Committee is working tirelessly to see that our first in-person Annual Conference after the pandemic is highly successful with excellent academic content in The CSI Update Book & The Scientific Agenda of The Annual Conference, 2022. Accordingly, we have planned several joint sessions with renowned International Cardiac Societies. The idea is to discuss global public health cardiovascular issues with maximum stress on clinical & preventive cardiology, innovations, translational & evidence-based cardiac science to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease & cardiac mortality.

Looking forward to welcoming and seeing you friends & colleagues in person after a long time which makes me very happy and enthusiastic. Long live CSI!!